The service is primarily a face to face service. Access to the Crisis Centre is always via the free phone help line number 0808 801 0414. This enables staff and volunteers at the Centre to have an initial conversation with the person about the crisis and their expectations of the service. There is also the opportunity to collect essential personal information and to carry out a risk assessment before a person visits.

If you have called but not received a response within 20mins – 1 hour then please call again to ensure that your message/ telephone number has been received.

Q: Can I just drop into the Centre?

A: The Centre is not a drop in and if people turned up at the door they may find staff already working with a number of people. We will always offer you a prearranged time to visit when we are able to work with you.

Q: Will I have to wait weeks for an appointment?

A: No. Appointments will usually be made on the same day as you call. If it is very busy you may be offered telephone support until the next day.

Q: What questions will I be asked before I can visit the Centre?

A: You will be asked for your name, address, date of birth, contact number and some questions about your personal safety and that of others. You will also be asked for equal opportunities information. This will not be kept with your file it is an anonymous form and is stored securely and used by the Manager only to collect statistical information about usage of the Centre. You will also have a conversation with staff about the crisis and begin to look at how we can help.

Q: Can I remain anonymous?

A: Yes you can but we can only offer you a restricted service of telephone support.

Q: I am a carer and facing a crisis, can you help me?

A: Yes, all the services at the Centre are available to carers. This includes telephone support, face to face support and an extended stay.

Q: How long can I speak to someone over the phone for?

A: There is no restriction on the time you can speak on the free phone number for. You may occasionally hear a few beeps on the line, this happens when another person is trying to get through. The answer machine will pick up the message and another member of staff will retrieve it from a different phone and reply to their call.

Q: When I come in for face to face support will I need to wait a long time to see someone?

A: No when you have arranged to visit the Centre a member of staff will be organised to meet you.

Q: can I bring my support worker with me to the Crisis Centre?

A: Your support worker can help you to get to the Centre but when you arrive your support worker will be unable to wait for you at the Centre. Staff will be working with you to develop a crisis plan and you can arrange for your support worker to meet you when you are ready to leave.

Q: I pass by regularly why can’t I just knock on the door?

A: The Centre is unable to offer a drop in service. We need to be able to ensure that we available to support people in crisis.